Who we are

MSS is the largest Non-Ferrous scrap metal exporter in Bangladesh, located at Chittagong. More than 350 scrap vessels are recycling yearly in many ship breaking yards at Chittagong and from those scrap vessels generated various kind of Non-Ferrous metals such as Albc3 propeller, Brass,Bronze, Gunmetal, Aluminum, Stainless Steels 304/316,Monel, Nimonic,Titanium, High Temperature alloy scrap etc. Most of the Non-Ferrous scrap metal from ship recycling are processed & exported by MSS. We MSS also import non-ferrous scrap metal & insulated copper wire for our Bronze ingot plant & Copper wire chopping plant. We have achieved 5 Times National Gold Award by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the highest of Non-Ferrous metal scrap and ingot export.


Our Team of experts handle the trading of scrap metals globally. We share up to date data with our customers. Information sources of NF metal market come from accumulated practical data and experience last 18 years.

Quality Assured

Every Material should go through strict test of chemical composition before shipment.We test it by spark emission spectrometer in our labarotory and recheck it by portable type spectrometer in the port.

Social Committment

Since 2009 we have been supporting orphanage in Bangladesh. We usually help their education and annual trip for their life time memories. We believe this effort will make our community better as well as our business growth.


Marine Safety System is specialized in scrap propellars and we are the largest scrap propellar supplier in the world, handling approximately 60% of global scrap propellar. We also handle other non-ferrous metal scraps and ingot such as Copper, Brass, Bronze, Cupro-nickel, Redbrass,Stainless steel,Aluminium, Znc dross, Lead, Monel, Nimonic and Titaniam etc. Since 2000 MSS has been named as a trusted Non-Ferrous metal supplier for 50 companies in 20 countries around the world. We have been serving leading companies of Ship building, Propellar manufacturers, Ingot manufacturers,Centrifugal casting plants, Powerplants,Desalination plant industries by supplying broad category of non-ferrous metal scrap and ingot for more than 18 years. MSS joined hands with Korean company Nialco Alloys Korea Ltd in 2003 to enhance our services and market capacity. "Our key role is to satisfy our clients with right metals in right time, in right quality"


2000: Marine Safety System established

2003: Marine Safety System joined hands with Db Resources (Korea) started non-ferrous metal-scrap trading

2008:Ctg Ship breaking and Recycling Industry established

2011:United Ship breaking and Recycling Industry established

2013:Ingot factory Nialco Alloys Limited established

2014:Cable Wire chopping factory All Metal Limited established

Little Inside

"Our key role is to satisfy our clients with right metals in right time, in right quality"


Scrap Yards

Our specialized yards Bangladesh and South Korea are fully equipped with recycling equipment, and our dedicated team for handling, sorting and processing scrap metal


Ship Breaking Yards

We have 2 ship breaking yard at Chittagong in Bangldesh which are fully equipped, we are handling 90,000 tons of ferrous scrap from both our yards


Manufacturing Plant

We have one Bronze Ingot Manufactuing Plant with the production capacity of 4800 tons and Copper Wire Chopping plant with the capacity of 2400 tons per year



We are located in 1 countrie, Bangladesh from where we do sales and purchases


Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience Marine Safety System has deep expertise and trusted repuation in the Industry

Our Executive Management

Kamal Ahamad


Gazi Mukarram Ali


Ruhul Amin


Matin Ahmed


Our work place

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